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Brian Sherwod

Brian Sherwood


Brian Sherwood has established himself as a global thought leader in the marketing science of quantitative and qualitative research that leads to actionable insights used to drive business growth. Combined with his management skills and leadership talent, he has created a career highlighted by innovation and outstanding relationships with client companies ranging from small to medium businesses to Fortune 100 enterprises. His creativity, energy, and drive, combined with the quality of the work his teams produce, have earned him the respect of the people he works with, both colleagues and customers located around the world.


While Brian has at times focused on specific industries – financial services was a specialty for a period when he worked with Bank of America, Wells Fargo, Morgan Stanley and other leaders – he also has proven the ability to become conversant and add value in environments ranging from the fan-driven, consumer-focused Comic Con event in New York City to B2B events such as the National Hardware Show. In every engagement, Brian uses his research and reporting expertise to help customers make data-driven decisions that enhanced business results through engagement, loyalty and profitable sales growth.


Brian’s career path has included roles of increasing complexity and importance with some of the largest companies in their respective fields. Most recently, he was Vice President of Customer Insights with Reed Exhibitions North America. He served earlier as a Senior Research Associate with TNS, the world’s largest custom market research firm. Previously, he worked with other specialty and boutique marketing firms after earning his BS degree in Marketing with honors from the University of Connecticut.


Now, Brian is working independently to bring his expertise to clients and projects not well-served by large event and market research companies. His creative, entrepreneurial energy and critical thinking skills are available to his clients in varied industries, including those for which he has personal interest. These include sustainable farming and other industries and initiatives that serve people and the greater good.


Consultative collaboration is an accurate way to describe how Brian works with clients. He digs deep to understand their needs, business challenges and opportunities, and the goals of stakeholders. Once the problems and possibilities are defined and understood, he goes to work, executing the research to support business-building strategies and tactical priorities. He is inquisitive and focused on doing what it takes to analyze data and complete research that is credible and valuable to customers.


Brian’s view of marketing and the role it plays in society helps explain what drives him to deliver excellence for his clients. “I am passionate about people and the relationships that develop from creative and powerful marketing. My goal is to make a difference in my work by enabling great organizations to connect with their customers in ways that build loyalty and sustainable businesses.”


Brian Sherwood is available for consultation for your next marketing program or initiative. He will be pleased to explore your ideas and share his experience and thoughts to make the effort a success.  

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