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NIA Monroe, CT Collaborators

Working Together To Build Each Others' Businesses

If you believe in the power of referral business, and you're looking for ways to generate business without necessarily hiring in a sales force, then I'd love to talk to you about our NIA Monroe Collaborators group.  We're committed to helping each other grow our businesses, but we are also committed to providing added value in sharing our respective wisdom from our own life experience.  NIA Collaborators of Monroe are more than just a networking group, we're a team of people motivated to serve each other and our communities.

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NIA Monroe Collaborators

Brian Sherwood became a Network In Action franchise owner because he saw the value in creating and maintaining relationships in business AND in life.  A resident in Monroe, he runs this networking and referral group of like minded service oriented professionals who are committed to driving business to each other.  We believe that relationships matter, that our respective experience can serve other members, and that we know that relationships that drive business ultimately benefit the communities we live in.  Please see our current member list.  Growing every month, we hope that you will see membership as a meaningful way to grow your business and your skills!

Membership includes monthly meetings, access to our national and international network, tech to facilitate referrals, customer ratings, and more.  Additionally you will have access to on-demand and scheduled monthly virtual training webinars, motivational topics, and more.

Our Group

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